New work of Susan Icove – Artist – Floyd Virginia

Troika-Susan-IcoveFriday – May 3rd –  ABOUT: Troika Contemporary Crafts

Troika Contemporary Crafts is a unique gallery with a warm and inviting atmosphere that allows visitors to shop for handmade arts and crafts in a comfortable setting. Troika prides itself on showcasing art that blends the traditions of Southwest VA with the current and ever-changing nature of art. The work is made by established professional artisans, many working in their field between two and four decades and most come either from Floyd, Virginia or nearby regions.

The gallery exhibits contemporary design and ideas, which fits beautifully in rustic cabins as well as contemporary homes. It shows a broad range of distinctive objects made by the hands of 25 local and regional artists using typical craft techniques and traditions.  From woodworking to pottery, there is something for everyone.

Although some of the artists in the gallery share a profession, their styles are their own.   Brad Warstler and Benjie Osborne are featured wood workers that bring two beautiful approaches to the art .  Warstler, an accomplished artist, has a broad range of work including custom furniture, period chairs, lamps and turned accessories. His work is traditional, sleek, smooth and polished.  He has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States. Osborne leans towards more of an Asian/Shaker style.  He uses clean simple lines but  allows for the  natural textures of the wood.  He makes practical functional pieces that also boast grace and style.

Fiber workers, Carolyn Moore and Teagan Dobkin, are ladies of a lost art.  Moore has over fifteen years of weaving experience.  She uses a conventional floor loom and achieves different effects through changing the structural set up of the loom.  She weaves everything from tea towels to shawls.  Dobkin specializes in one-of-a-kind handcrafted headwear.  Artisan inspired, designed, and crafted, her collections feature modern twists on time-honored styles, such as Fedoras, Cloches, Porkpies, and Wide-brims.

Anne Vaughan and Agnes Seebass are staples of the jewelry collections at Troika and in their regions.  Vaughan  handcrafts innovative and quality earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  She creates jewelry for an everyday look.  Seebass designs contemporary metal jewelry, using a mixture of German and Mexican culture.  The forms and contrasts of Mexican nature are an inspiration for her simple smooth designs.

Potter and founding member of “16 Hands” Ellen Shankin has been a studio potter in the mountains of Virginia since 1977.  Her pottery is known for taking on the forms and feel of nature.   Josh Copus, founder of Clayspace Co-op, was raised in Floyd County. The local traditions of crafts and agriculture, blended with the new ideas and outlook of the alternative community formed the basis of Josh’s life philosophy and strongly influences his work in ceramics.

The artists listed are just a few in the many featured at Troika.  The owners themselves are locally based artists.  Silvie Granatelli of Silvie Granatelli Porcelain, Susan Icove of Icove Lighting and Gibby Waitzkin of Sarvisberry Gallery & Studio each bring their own unique, sophisticated tastes and design sensibilities to Troika.  Troika, along with other art galleries and shops, is located in The Station across from the Floyd Country Store.

The gallery hosts an Opening Reception every few months, on the first Friday of the month, that features selected artists.  Folks are encouraged to stop by for the festivies and enjoy a refreshment, speak with the artist and browse the newest collection.  The shows for 2013 are as listed: June will feature art made from wood, August will be jewelry, October will focus on upcycled work and November will be paper artists including owner Gibby Waitzkin.