Floyd Artists Documentary Screening

floyd-virginia-artist Monday May 13th at 6pm

in celebrating the release of a unique film – about 12 amazing artists living in Floyd and what it takes to fuel creativity and living the authentic, artistic life! Three years in the making – this documentary will take you behind-the-scenes in to those sacred spaces and places wherein the featured artists find their inspiration to create – you will get a peek into how living in Floyd County, a community that is exceptionally supportive of artistic expression, factors into life and art…

Directed and produced by Parv Sethi, and written by Mara Robbins, this film is a one-of-a-kind tribute to and acknowledgement of – the remarkable community of artists who call Floyd – home.
Please join us as we celebrate the release of this important film and bear witness to the transformative and inspirational power of art and creativity.

Tickets are $20 at the door and will include Natasha’s delicious appetizer menu and your own copy of the DVD. Please RSVP
Check out Natasha’s cash bar as we view parts of this film, and time to get your copy of the DVD signed from the budding artist in your family/friends!

The program will include:
* Opening remarks and acknowledgement of the 12 featured artists in this film by the Director – Parv Sethi
* Screening of 10-15 minute interviews of 5-6 of the featured artists
* Showing of a special ‘Photographic Tribute to Floyd Artists’ – a 10 -minute slideshow, topped of by a powerful Spoken Word piece by Mara Robbins – also on the DVD.