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Atlantic Breeze Alpacas (Alpaca Bedding Co) is dedicated to providing the best quality in alpaca ownership, including the physical animals, their bree

ding, and care. We also extend this commitment of excellence to you by providing the best service and communications to our clients. We believe that the United States alpaca industry must consider long-term goals to strengthen this country’s position for future alpaca commerce. Since the finer fleeces generally come from the white, beige

and fawn alpacas, we at Atlantic Breeze Alpacas, strive to provide excellence in this color / fleece arena. Our animals exhibit correct conformation and possess superb fleece traits for competitive levels. Atlantic Breeze Alpacas come from proven champion genetics and range in color from the bright whites to the luxurious fawns. We also couldn’t resist a few dark brown girls too! Some of our genetic lines include: Accoyo Titan, Hemingway, Augusto, Vengedor, Caligula, Peruvian King, Royal Fawn, Snowmass Millinium, Marco Polo, Dracula, Mr. President, Donovan, Accoyo Pulitzer, Running Late, Accoyo Plantel, Matador, Pistol, Rolex, Quetzel, Accipiter, Black Royal Forest, Blockbuster, Timoteo, Abundance, Accoyo White Gold, Auzengate, Powder Keg & more. Take a look at these exceptional alpacas and see for yourself.

We only ask that you make an appointment in advance. Either call us at 540.593.8822 / 800.341.0075 or use the form below. We would be happy to answer all your alpaca questions. If a particular animal interests you, we can provide all medical records and histograms on each alpaca. Don’t be shy. We dutifully let all the animals read each piece of fan mail they get, so drop us a line!

We have two farms to serve you! Summers are spent in Southwestern VA. and the alpacas winter in Wilmington, NC.  Please call for our travel dates.

Alpaca Bedding Company

There are over 50 genetic lines waiting to welcome you!  Come to see our new Accoyo America Alpha!  This gorgeous man has proven himself already and waits to do the same for your gals!

Schedule soon! Call 910-262-7770.

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