Carter Holliday Art Studio

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Carter Holliday Art Studio

Traditional Art, Contemporary Style

Influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, Carter takes original hand crafted ceramic art tiles and blends them with mosaics and American hardwoods to make decorative furnishings and accessories for the home or office.

Carter received his BFA from Kansas City Art Institute in 1970 and was privileged to work under Ken Ferguson while there, studying ceramic art. He received his MFA from Ohio University in 1972 and taught college level ceramics during that time.

From 1972 to 1981 Carter was a studio potter, specializing in salt glazes in Logan Ohio.

Feeling the need for more training, Carter went to Hocking Technical College to learn more about combustion engineering and glass physics and he received his AS in Technical Ceramics in 1982. Carter financed this part of his education by working for Ed Fassig in Ed’s Back Woods Furniture Shop learning the basics of “making sawdust” and about the beauty of wood.

From 1982 to 2000 Carter worked for Florida Tile Industries doing research and development of decoration and design. He spent those years working with European Designers and Engineers to make the most current fashioned tiles for the US market.

Along the way Carter has been a part of many ceramic and tile organizations: Ceramic and Glass Decorators Association and the Tile Heritage Foundation, to name a few. Carter spent time studying old tiles and installations through out the US and Europe. On one such excursion Carter spent a weekend working with Isaiah Zagar in Philadelphia which caused a major turn in the direction of Carter’s view of tiles and his work. In 2000 Carter moved his family from Central Florida to Floyd Virginia to begin his newest journey into art.

Today you can see the outcome of many years of education, work experience and collaboration with other artist.  Being influenced by the Craftsman period, Carter demonstrates his love of ceramics and wood by blending the two mediums into once artistic piece.

Carter Holliday

883 Thunderstruck Rd. NE
Floyd, VA 24091

(540) 745-6231

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