Floyd Magazine Spring 2015

ARE YOU READY FOR SPRING? Deadlines are fast approaching. for Floyd Virginia Magazine. Please send any request to www.321signup.com / Or call 540-320-1045 / Ad rates start at $125 – Free Ad Design with each order. We will print 25,000 copies that will last through the Summer. Distribution at many locations throughout Floyd County including all major festivals and music events.timeline-floydmagazine-timeline

New Business in Floyd Virginia – Time Travelers

Vintage Collectibles, porcelain signs, many advertising pieces. Frozen yogurt available for that sweet tooth.

Located in the quaint town of Floyd, Virginia, Time Travelers with a Twist offers a mix of vintage collectibles and frozen soft serve yogurt.

When visiting Floyd, you can take a step back in time to enjoy a unique collection of advertising signs, automobilia, and one-of-a-kind country store items.

Soft Serve

Enjoy a cup or cone of frozen yogurt while browsing our collection. Our current flavors are:

Triple Chocolate
Tahitian Vanilla
Strawberry Sensations

Toppings include strawberries and blueberries (in season), Gummy bears, M&M’S®, sprinkles, and Ghirardelli® fudge sauce.

Floyd Fest Free Tickets for Volunteers




  • What is the difference between a “Pre-fest” and “During-fest” Volunteer?
    • Pre-fest volunteers
      • must work at least 20 hours at one of our designated Work Weekends or other designated pre-fest volunteer times. We accept a limited number of pre-fest volunteers to help with site preparation and spots will fill up quick.


    • During-fest volunteers (“festival volunteers”)
      • must work at least 16 hours between July 26 and July 29, typically by working four 4-hour shifts each day of FloydFest. Please see the Volunteer Guidelines on the application form for more information.


  • What kinds of perks do volunteers get?
    • Work Weekend volunteers
      • You have the opportunity to work off all of your required volunteer hours ahead of time while helping to beautify and transform the FloydFest site. Lunch is provided on both Saturdays and Sundays of our work-weekends.
      • Work Weekend volunteers do not get a FloydFest Volunteer T-shirt, and follow the same parking/camping guidelines as regular festival-goers during FloydFest.
    • Pre-fest volunteers
      • You have the opportunity to work off all of your required volunteer hours ahead of time while helping to finalize all of the details a few days before the festival gates open.
      • Pre-fest volunteers do not get a FloydFest Volunteer T-shirt, and follow the same parking/camping guidelines as regular festival-goers during FloydFest.


    • Festival volunteers
      • You have the opportunity to be part of our festival family by literally making FloydFest happen! You will receive a FloydFest Volunteer T-shirt for volunteering during fest.
      • A designated spot near Global village will be provided as “Volunteer Camping”.



  • How do I apply to volunteer?
    • Go to www.floydfest.com/get-involved/volunteers
    • We require a $15 application fee (non-refundable) for every applicant via credit card (ViSA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVERY).
    • This card number will also be processed if you do not show up at the festival, or for any one of your scheduled shifts. In the case of this event you will be billed for the full amount of an event ticket ($150) on the first day that the incident occurs. So, if you do not show up by the first day you will be charged on the first day for the full price of the ticket.


  • How will I know if I’m accepted?
    • You will be accepted when you click submit on the online application. If your credit card payment is accepted then you are accepted. After you click submit an email will be sent to your email address that you provided explain every piece of information that you need to know about the days that you signed up for either Pre-fest, Work Weekends, or During fest. If you do not receive this email within 1 hour of signing up please email the volunteer coordinator atvolunteers@atwproductions.com. Otherwise, we expect that you have received your information email and will be showing up for the date and time that you signed up for.


  • What if my situation changes and I’m no longer able to volunteer?
    • Please only apply if you are committed, as we have a no refund policy. Emergency issues may be directed by no later than July 1, 2011, to the volunteer coordinator at volunteers@atwproductions.com


  • Why don’t pre-fest volunteers get a Volunteer T-shirt?
    • Our volunteer T-shirts are designated to festival volunteers at FloydFest because attendees and need to be a visible part of the festival team.




  • Do volunteers get meals?
    • Work Weekend volunteers
      • You will be fed lunch during work weekends between 1pm – 2pm both days.
    • Festival volunteers
      • You are responsible for your own snacks, meals and beverages during FloydFest. We are not able to provide meals to our festival volunteer workforce. Please make arrangements to prepare meals at your campsites, or purchase meals from our wonderful vendors.
      • Cold water is available to festival volunteers throughout the weekend at Volunteer Central.


  • Where do I park?

? Our parking guidelines are dictated by the constrictions of our beautiful site, Federal parkway regulations, and local law enforcement (who work with us very amiably to ensure adequate parking for volunteers and attendees alike). Please respect this and avoid having your vehicle towed.


    • Pre-fest volunteers
      • You will drive onto the site during work-weekends. Follow the “Volunteer Check-In” signs. You must check in with the volunteer coordinator to have your hours accounted for. Even on the second day you must check-in. Do not go directly to your area that you were working the previous day without checking in.


    • Festival volunteers
      • All volunteers must park at the off-site parking lot on Black Ridge Road
      • Need directions to the parking lot? Click here
      • This lot has a $15 parking fee assessed and 100% of proceeds will go to worthy local charities.
      • Volunteers scheduled for the 9am-1:15pm shift on Thursday will be admitted to the off-site parking lot at 7am. Please make every effort to be on-site, have your campsite set up, and be on time for your first shift. You must park at our Chateau Morrisette off-site parking lot – you will not be allowed to enter the Festival site with your vehicle without a Parking ticket in hand. NO EXCEPTIONS



  • It seems there’s plenty of parking along the service road and other side roads off the parkway – can I park there?
    • NO, and if you do your vehicle will be towed. Our service roads must be kept clear for performer vehicles and festival deliveries.
    • Parking on or near the Blue Ridge Parkway is federally prohibited and you may face a fine as well as having your vehicle towed.


      • Where can I camp?
    • Volunteers can tent-camp in any of our designated on-site camping areas. These areas will be labeled “Volunteer Camping”. Please do not go into any other area besides this area as you will be asked to move back to your designated camping area.


  • Can I bring my RV?
    • Our on-site RV camping is sold-out for 2012. You may still be able to purchase RV camping in our satellite RV camping area, or a local camp ground. You will NOT be able to park your RV anywhere on the FloydFest grounds (unless you have already purchased RV space).


  • Can I bring my dog?
    • No. We love dogs – but FloydFest is not the place for your pooch. Only registered service animals with official licenses are permitted.
    • This applies to pre-fest volunteers too. Please leave your dogs at home when you come to work on-site for Work Weekends or Pre-Fest work.


SCHEDULING: (applies to festival volunteers only)


  • A friend told me about a special “load-in” and “load out”schedule for FloydFest. Please explain.
    • This schedule is reserved for a limited number of volunteers who 1) have experience with stage work and 2) have the flexibility to work 16 hours total in two 8 hours shifts, “load in” and “load out.”
    • This volunteer assignment requires strong, hard workers, and sturdy or steel-toed work shoes/boots are required.
    • Stage break-down immediately after each stage’s final performance on Sunday afternoon is mandatory for this assignment.


  • I’m a morning person, can I work all morning shifts?
    • No, every person must select at least one morning shift and one late shift (9pm – 1:15am). This keeps things fair for all.
    • We will do our best to accommodate your schedule that you pick; however schedule is subject to change. You will be notified in the event of this occurring.


  • My friend/sweetheart/family member and I would like to work our shifts together. Is this possible?
    • Please complete your form at the same time, as this guarantees that you have spots together.
    • There will be no changing after scheduling so this is why the above is so important.


  • My child is under 18, can they work with me?
    • No, every one must be over 18 years of age to work during the festival.
    • However, if there are spots left on the application to select Work Weekends or Pre-fest then you can work with them and complete your hours.


  • Additional Questions?
    • Email us at volunteers@atwproductions.com



Wind Turbines coming to Wills Ridge in Floyd Virginia?

How would wind turbines look on Wills Ridge? Nordex, one of two companies exploring the possibility of building wind turbines on top of Wills Ridge in Floyd County, wants to partner with the community.
Three representatives from the company, including the project developer Andrew Rudersdorf, spoke to the Press Monday. Rudersdorf has been working in Floyd for about six months and has been talking with the owners of property on Wills Ridge. David D’Onofrio and Ben Kelahan with Nordex’s community outreach also visited the county last week.
Rudersdorf said he has spoken with the Board of Supervisors, but wants everyone in the county to know about the project. “We can’t do this project unless the community is on board.” He explained that since wind farms are new to this area and the state, “we really need to educate. We need to make sure everyone understands the benefits of a wind farm. We want communities to generate opinions based on the facts.”
The work Nordex is doing in the county now, Rudersdorf noted, is “very preliminary”. Plans include 15-20 towers, in the range of 30-50 megawatts along Wills Ridge. Nordex makes the turbines it will be putting up, he added. “We both develop and manufacture. The majority of companies you see only develop and they use other technology.”
The N117 turbines Nordex makes are 2.4 megawatt, high efficiency machines, Rudersdorf said. “They are very high efficiency for Class 3 (lower) wind speeds.”
How would coal smoke stacks look on Wills Ridge? – Nordex, based in Germany with U.S. offices in Chicago, has its manufacturing facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Rudersdorf said that facility is the company’s commitment “in providing American jobs to wind development in the U.S.” and the turbines that would be put up in Floyd County would be made in Jonesboro.
In terms of local job benefits associated with the building of a wind farm in Floyd County, Rudersdorf said even though plans are still in the preliminary stages, he estimates there would be “in the range of 100-150 construction jobs” and then during the operations period “probably in the range of 5-10 full-time positions….These are high paying jobs. There will be training for those jobs.” The training facility is located at the Arkansas plant.
Also, Rudersdorf, continued, “the magnitude of a 30-50 megawatt project is upwards to $100 million. The tax revenue for the county is extremely significant. We’re still crunching numbers….”
The other company looking at the possibility of a wind farm on Wills Ridge is Horizon Wind Energy LLC of Houston, Texas. Both companies are approaching the same landowners. A third company, Invenergy, which is also involved in the Poor Mountain project in Roanoke County, already has a temporary tower, measuring wind velocity and direction, in place near the intersection of Kyle Weeks Road and Union School Road in Floyd County.
“We are really looking forward to kicking off the wind measurement campaign and educating the community,” Rudersdorf told the Press Monday.
Rudersdorf said Nordex chose to look at Floyd County’s Wills Ridge for a wind farm because of its Class 3 wind resource and the proximity to transmission.
Since a wind farm in Floyd County would be one of the first wind farms in the state, Rudersdorf said his company would “want to set the precedent for wind farms” in Virginia. “We want to make sure we do it correct.”
Estimated time for development in such projects is about 5 years, with construction taking approximately 6 months to a year.
David Stafford, who with another man owns 225 acres on Wills Ridge and is one of the larger landowners in the project area, has been approached by both companies. He said he is “leaning more toward Nordex,” who was the first company to talk to him.
Stafford, who currently lives in Pearisburg, hopes to be living in Floyd in about five years.
As for wind energy, Stafford said, “I think it’s a really good thing. We need to be looking for alternative sources…cleaner solutions to the problem.”
Stafford said he knows there is opposition to a wind farm in Floyd County, but he has seen wind farms in other places. “I actually enjoy seeing something like that…seeing the turbines turning….I saw them out west.” He said most of the wind farms he has seen are not near homes, “but you drove by them and you can see them, which to me was very interesting.”
He said the noise is a “swooshing” noise. “Once you get 50 yards away from it, you couldn’t even hear it.”
Stafford added wind energy is “clean” and from what he understands, “depending on the amount of wind,” a farm would be “generating quite a bit of electricity. I know we might not benefit directly from it here…but there are a lot of jobs to be created because of it, not only in installation, but also the daily mechanics of it.”
Rudersdorf said, “Overall, the response (Nordex has received) has been very positive.” Nordex wants “to show our commitment to this community – that we can do this project and have a lot of local benefits.”
He stated the wind farm is an “opportunity to be able to form a partnership with Floyd while producing clean, renewable energy and economic development the community needs….The project would be a positive milestone for the community in terms of financial and environmental benefits.”

The Floyd Press
By Wanda Combs
Published: September 16, 2011

Time to produce the FLOYD VIRGINIA publication

30,000 magazines are scheduled to drop on the first day of Fall, September 20th. We’ve been blessed with a very supportive business sector here in Floyd. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has participated during the last four years. Thank you photographers, story tellers and readers!

Although we’re involved with the magazine year round today was the first time Dee, David, Melissa and I gathered to produce the Fall issue. We uploaded 84 repeat advertisers onto our server and on Monday we will start the verification process of each one.

I have a list of new advertisers and Dee let me know which ads she wants to freshen up. We talked about the stories that have been submitted and the ones we are expecting. The featured photographer has already taken pictures of the new cover and he will be in Floyd the first two weeks in August to finish taking his shots.

Busy days ahead but very rewarding. I want to thank Gaynell in advance for following up on much of what we do and for the coffee and tasty sweets. Out goal is to represent and produce a magazine better than the one before and to publish stories about our county that would otherwise go unheard.

Once again thanks!

I’m ready to go!!

Angels in the Attic – Floyd Virginia – We need your HELP this Saturday!

I ran into Kathy Blackwell, Operations Manager, for Angels in the Attic. I asked her “how have the relocation efforts going? She told me that after taking a closer look and discussions with board members, it was decided not to move to the Harris & Baker building on the east side of town.

Angels in the Attic has been closed since April 30 to reorganize and make a few repairs. This Saturday May 7th, Kathy is asking for anyone that can volunteer an hour or two to stop by and help with the reorganizing efforts. They really need strong bodies to move some of the heavier things. If you can spare even 30 minutes of your time please stop by.

Re-Opening on Friday, May 20th, 2011

Contact Kathy Boyd Blackwell – kgboyd@swva.net



Angels in the Attic is a not-for-profit organization, staffed solely by volunteers. Items, such as clothing and household items are donated, then displayed and sold at our thrift shop. All monies, less operational expenses, are given back to the Floyd community.

We have been operating since March, 2000, first at a small shop on Locust Street, then at the old Crenshaw building, on route 221. Angels in the Attic is now open in own building, at 201 South Locust Street, in the center of Floyd.

Our Mission

To provide the opportunity for re-use of those items, no longer needed or wanted, that clutter homes.

To provide an opportunity for everyone to save and benefit from “treasures in the attic”.

To provide volunteer opportunities for old and young, to join together for common good.

To provide funds to reach out to each other in times of need.

Who is helped

Funds are distributed to local service agencies: Christmas for Children, Medical Charities, Free Clinic, Department of Social Services – vouchers; New River Community Action – food pantry, emergency fund and vouchers; Floyd County Volunteer Fire department and Rescue Squads.

3rd Annual Service Fair — Floyd Elementary School

Please join us this Thursday April 21st from 5-7pm at the Floyd Elementary School Cafeteria for refreshments and student art gallery. Vendors and specialists from across the region will be present to offer services, screenings, and answer questions about various programs that are being offered.

Early Childhood Specialists will give free screenings in speech and language, developmental and will test hearing. School Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Early Childhood Special Education Teachers, and many specialty professionals will be present to guide you to helpful services for ALL ages.

This includes help from home, school, transitioning into the field of work, college preparations, and services to transition into preschool or kindergarten. The goal is to make sure the Floyd community knows all the services that are available to families, especially the ones that have children with special needs. We are focusing on children with autism but a lot of these services are available for a variety of needs.

For more information contact Heidi Hawkins at 540-745-9400.