Instant Mulch

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e offer an excavating service  promising “Satisfaction Guaranteed” , with over 20 yrs. experience building roads ,ponds,digging basements and clearing .Having a small land business   (please visit SutherLAND LLC )   has taught us a different  approach to making a tract more presentable,faster. We want to clear the boundary,potential  spots for the house,road,a pond,etc. You know that  chipping and shredding all the limbs and small debris makes a neater job,but feeding that chipper by hand is slow and  tough .So we’re promoting our  favorite machine service we call “TAZ”.

Hightrack dozer with six-way blade,trackhoe with 30 ft boom and hydraulic thumb,compact rubber tracked loader with numerous attachments,bucket-grapple- 6way blade,i ncluding “TAZ” our latest addition.A heavy drum turning at 2000rpm with 2 inch carbide teeth.devouring all the unwanted ,and turning it into mulch.

442 Berry Hill Rd Riner ,Va
Floyd 24149
Alum Ridge

John Sutherland

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